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Mystery Minis Science Fiction Series 1 Tron - It Came From Planet Earth

Mystery Minis Science Fiction Series 1 Tron


  • $ 999

Give your office or TV room a science-fiction feel with these Classic Sci-Fi Mystery Mini Vinyl Figures, each standing 2 1/2-inches tall. The characters are from classic science-fiction movies and include Predator, Alien, Mars Attacks Alien, Judge Dredd, Robby the Robot, B-9, RoboCop, Amok Time Spock, Tron, Metaluna Mutant, Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds & Jayne Cobb from Firefly, and E.T.! Which ones will you get? Ages 3 and up

Tron opened figure.

We've opened this box to help you complete your collection! Opened box figures & accessories come in original packaging.

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